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Compact units monitor FM and DAB signals


BURGAS, Bulgaria — DEVA Broadcast will begin shipping its DB45 and DB46 monitors in July, the company announced.

With a DSP-based core and a compact, practical design, FM signal monitor DB45 promises accurate parameter measurement, including the RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, left and right audio levels, RDS, and pilot injection levels.

Upon demodulation of the FM signal, the SDR FM tuner digitizes the RF signal and all processing is achieved through algorithm calculations, explains the company. The DB45 also features an “easy-to-use” web interface, a built-in audio streamer, which lets users listen to and record audio from any station, and TCP/IP (GSM connectivity is optional) for remote monitoring.


The DB46 DAB monitor, which DEVA says is developed on the same principle of combining reliability and practicality, is ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standard compliant. It supports AAC, AAC+, MP3 and RTP and is compatible with various media platforms, including Icecast and Shoutcast. DB46 also supports Program Associated Data, standard bitrates and VBR, as well as automatically displaying live metadata.

The unit monitors and logs signal information in addition to left and right audio level values, thus allowing users to analyze data at a later date. Configuration and control can be accessed through the front-panel menu or remotely through a PC, tablet or smart phone via a standard web browser. Android and iOS devices are also supported. 

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Feature enables users to view on a single screen all of the FM and HD-Radio Channels 1-8 from channel presets

FELTON, Calif. — Inovonics says it has released a free firmware update that adds “Listener Experience” to its INOmini 638 HD SiteStreamer, which enables users to monitor up to 30 sources of FM and HD programming over the Internet.

According to a company announcement, the new Listener Experience feature enables “users to remotely view on a single screen all of the FM and HD-Radio Channels 1-8 from channel presets on the unit” via the 638’s web interface.

Inovonics says users can now select and view info from the FM channel and the HD-Radio channels that are being transmitted on one screen. This information includes call letters, RDS messaging, artist, song title, album and genre. This is in addition to remote listening via a live stream of the station.

Users can download the 638 Firmware Update Rev here.

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Inntot Technologies, GeekSynergy, Gospell Digital Technology and Communications Systems are all working on products

Avion DRM receiver

NEW DELHI — You will recall that All India Radio, the public service broadcaster in India, adopted the Digital Radio Mondiale standard for the digital terrestrial radio transmissions in the MW and SW bands. 35 MW transmitters of AIR, ranging in power from 20 kW to 1000 kW, continue to operate in using DRM in various fashions. Two more transmitters, 100 kW each, are under trial in Delhi and these are expected to be operational in a couple of months, according to DRM news .

DRM news has compiled a list of manufacturers of stand-alone DRM receivers from various manufacturers, that is of interest.

DRM in the dashboard

Inntot Technologies, a start-up enterprise in India, has developed a software-based DRM receiver, which is based on a generic processor, and meets all the specifications for the Minimum Receiver Requirements, supporting all DRM core functionality such as Journaline advanced text and Emergency Warning Functionality. The design has been field tested in number of cities in India. It is expected to be very cost effective.

GeekSynergy, another start-up, is working on the development of a “highly affordable yet full-featured” DRM receiver, which is likely to be showcased by summer 2018. The company is also working on incorporating DRM into smartphones using one of the most well-known chips installed in all the branded mobile phones.

Gospell receiver and dongle

The Chinese company Gospell Digital Technology has presented a very well-reviewed DRM Receiver, the GR 216, which is already in production. These units can receive DRM signals in the AM as well as the VHF bands for large-area and local services, respectively. Core DRM features such as Journaline advanced text and EWF — with automatic device-wake-up from deep-standby are supported. Gospell is developing a DRM receiver dongle, GR-227, which can be plugged in the existing audio systems in the automobiles on USB ports or Aux input to receive DRM signals. The receiver model will allow legacy cars already on the road and with analog AM and FM reception to be upgraded to DRM digital reception through this simple add-on device. The unit is likely to go into production shortly.

Communications Systems is the first radio manufacturer in India to domestically develop and produce a DRM receiver (AV-1401), an “ambitious full-featured” digital radio. It supports all the DRM-specific features including Journaline advanced text and Emergency Warning Functionality. As part of the company’s continued commitment to DRM in India, the model was recently updated and easily meets DRM’s minimum receiver requirements as recommended by the DRM Consortium. 

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The current certificate will expire on June 24

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. — Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary have released updated IPAWS Certificate Authority credentials for the One-Net and DASDEC series of EAS/CAP encoder/decoders.

The current certificate will expire on June 24, so U.S. users will need to to replace it in order ensure the EAS/CAP devices will continue to operate properly after the Federal Emergency Management Agency CA is in place.

IPAWS users who do not update their equipment could see the error message: “Event Log:Digital Signature VERIFICATION ERROR : Signer UNTRUSTED! Check for correct CAP decoder CA file.;”

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“We have been advised there will be several certificate and policy changes through the end of 2018 that will necessitate some certificate updates during this period,” said Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems Senior Director of Strategy and Government Affairs Ed Czarnecki. “We’re constantly evaluating and updating our systems to stay in step with IPAWS, and since assisting customers is our top priority, we are actively working on new methods of managing government certificates with an improved path forward.”

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FieldTap uses Opus to get remote smartphone audio back to the studio

DEVENS, Mass. — Comrex has released FieldTap, a free codec app designed to use the Opus codec to get audio from cellphones back to the studio. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Comrex says that it has designed FieldTap with a simple GUI and for equally simple operation, “With a one-button control screen, users of any technical ability can connect from the field to the station by simply pressing a single button.”

The company adds, “FieldTap is a simple SIP client that uses voice over IP to make it possible for field users to send wideband audio from their cellphones over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.”

It can be downloaded at the Comrex website , Google Play or the App Store .

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The company just received clearance from India’s Department of Telecommunications to acquire almost 9,000 towers from Idea Cellular

AMSTERDAM — You probably think that American Tower is big here in the US, but do you know about the company’s presence in 16 other international markets?

American Tower just received clearance from India’s Department of Telecommunications to acquire almost 9,000 towers from Idea Cellular for a total of INR40 billion ($584 million) according to . The closing of this deal will mean that the company has completed the second and final stage of its acquisition of 20,000 towers from Idea and Vodafone India. Just last month, the government approved American Tower buying around 11,000 towers from Vodafone for a sum of INR38.5 billion.

After this recent acquisition, ATC now operates some 68,000 towers across India, according to .

“Notably, there is a rising trend of telecom companies to shrug off the tower infrastructure to wireless infrastructure companies like American Tower, Crown Castle International Corp and SBA Communications Corp. This is because it helps telecom companies to avoid huge outlay of money in maintaining the expensive infrastructure and rather channelize resources on service delivery,” according to

American Tower is also set to acquire transmission towers from Telkom Kenya — as part of the company’s expansion plans — and the Kenya market will represent the company’s fifth in Africa and the 17th globally; the company also has a presence in The Netherlands, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

Up to 723 transmission towers will be purchased for an undisclosed amount, according to the same article. 

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Dielectric shared images of the newly installed DCR-S Series FM radio antenna

RAYMOND, Maine — From Dielectric come these great pictures of a newly installed DCR-S Series FM radio antenna on the 977-foot-high Sutro Tower in San Francisco.

“We chose this Dielectric antenna because we know their designs meet our structural and electrical requirements, which are that the products must be robust, with a decades-long lifecycle,” said Sutro Tower Inc. Chief Operating Officer Eric Dausman.

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According to Dausman, the DCR-S antenna features broadband and multi-channel capabilities and covers spectrum from 88 to 98 MHz, which enables broadcasters to multiplex signals.

For those unfamiliar with the landmark, it was built in 1973 and is owned by a consortium of four broadcasters. In total, Sutro Tower hosts about 300 antennas. According to the announcement from Dielectric, the the tower is used by four FM stations, 12 TV stations and 35 wireless radio communication users and others to distribute their signals across the Bay Area.

Based in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Additionally, Dielectric acquired the RCA TV Antenna Division in 1986 — which manufactured some initial antennas on Sutro Tower and were in use until 2009 when new Dielectric antennas were installed for VHF and UHF television broadcasting.

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The digital Best of Show Guide is now available

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Hot off the digital presses, this Best of Show Program Guide is a great way to learn about new products introduced at the spring NAB Show for TV/video, radio and pro AV professionals.

This digital guide features nearly 300 nominated products in the 2018 Future Best of Show Awards program, and highlights the winners. The guide allows companies to tell you in their own words why they believe a certain product is noteworthy; and it offers an excellent sampler of new technology from the convention floor.

Read it online here.

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The update must be installed prior to June 24 at 11:45 a.m.

RYE BROOK, N.Y. — Attention Sage ENDEC users: the company has released an important firmware update of CAP alert authentication certificates.

The company says that this is only for Digital ENDEC model 3644 units that already have version 89-30 installed and is not applicable for Canadian units.

The update must be installed prior to June 24 at 11:45 a.m. (EDT); after that time, the units without the updated will be unable to receive CAP alerts from FEMA IPAWS and some other providers.

Additionally, the updated firmware includes root certificates used for HTTPS access to websites that provide audio files for alerts from state or county alert originators.

Note that this update will not change ENDEC settings.

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L.A.W.N. operation made easier by new network control platform


STOW, OHIO — Alteros, an Audio-Technica company, has introduced two new handheld transmitters — the GTX24HHP live performer handheld and GTX24HHB broadcast handheld (shown) — along with remote and network control software platform that makes it easier to set up and operate the GTX Series L.A.W.N. (Local Area Wireless microphone Network) Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system.


A 6.5 GHz digital system, the GTX Series L.A.W.N. UWB system offers immunity to radio frequency spectrum regulatory changes, bandwidth loss and channel crowding, resulting in interference-free performance, even in the most demanding live broadcast settings, the company says.

The L.A.W.N. system enables operation outside the crowded UHF spectrum, free from database registration, licensing, complex support equipment, and even RF frequency coordination. It supports repeated deployment, from studio-to-studio and location-to-location, of 24 simultaneous, low latency (<3ms), 48 kHz/24-bit audio channels in any indoor or outdoor broadcast or performance environment, according to A-T.


Available this summer, the GTX24HHP “performer” and GTX24HHB “broadcaster” microphone transmitters join a product line that includes the GTX3224 control unit, GTX24 bodypack transmitter, and GTX32 transceiver.

Intended for live performance, the GTX24HHP “performer” wireless handheld mic features a lightweight, ergonomic design that accepts popular thread-on microphone capsules using a 1.25-inch /28-thread pitch. This allows performers to select their preferred mic sound and performance from a wide range of manufacturers, including new Audio-Technica capsules.

The GTX24HHB “broadcaster” wireless handheld mic includes a dedicated “flag mount” section and incorporated “talkback button,” while incorporating interchangeable mic capsule mounts for maximum sound and performance flexibility.

According to Alteros President and CTO Jackie Green, “Modern facilities and systems are taking advantage of IP-based networking technology to reduce operational costs, simplify workflows, ensure … production quality, and even simplify equipment setup and operation.”

The Alteros R&D team worked closely with key professionals in the live, touring and broadcast markets to identify their desired workflows, interfaces and functionality.

The resulting Ethernet-based system allows easier setup, control, monitoring, naming, and network and clock management via a sophisticated user interface that can be accessed directly or remotely on multiple device platforms.

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